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Yoga Postures

Release on 2017-12-26Based on the classical teachings of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, the Ashtanga yoga system includes several increasingly difficult series of postures. In Myso...Read More
The Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series
Release on 2017-12-23Primary series is also known as Yoga Chikitsa. It means Yoga Therapy or Yoga for Health. Primary series is the most practiced Ashtanga series in the ...Read More
7 Yoga Poses to Help You Poop
Release on 2017-10-11Can yoga poses really help? Movement in general is important for stimulating the bowels to help move the food bolus, gas, and, ultimately, waste, thro...Read More
The Aerial Yoga Sequence: 9 Poses to Defy Gravity
Release on 2017-10-09Safety precaution: This sequence requires a deep inversion. If you find that holding Supta Konasana for a few breaths creates any discomfort or a feel...Read More