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How to Choose the Right Yoga Clothes (for Women)
Release on 2018-05-051. Pick clothes that are form-fitting. Your clothing doesn't need to be so tight you can't move. However, if it's too loose, it's going to move aroun...Read More
How to Choose the Right Yoga Pants or Shorts (for Women)
Release on 2018-05-031. Decide on a type of pant. You can wear a variety of pants when doing yoga. Leggings are a good choice, since they both stretch and hug the body. Yo...Read More
How to Choose the Right Yoga Tops (for Women)
Release on 2018-04-28When you're in yoga class, you need to be comfortable. You're going to be moving into a variety of positions, and your clothes need to stay on you and...Read More
8 Reasons To Practice Iyengar Yoga
Release on 2018-04-27Iyengar yoga is one of the more traditional types of yoga, and I believe it is truly one form of yoga that holds the tremendous powers to benefit and ...Read More
10 food habits, the yoga way
Release on 2018-04-21At an age where one is expected to work dedicatedly, we often end up compromising with our health. While many people would agree that a good fitness r...Read More
7 Practical Steps to Lose Weight with a Yoga Diet
Release on 2018-04-20One of the greatest benefits of losing weight with a holistic yoga lifestyle is that it brings us the inner happiness and peace we really need so that...Read More
10-Minute Homework Break Yoga for kinds for a Mind + Body Reboot
Release on 2018-04-02Yoga can help children to pace their study efforts and reduce mental and physical burnout, from a mental health perspective, getting the blood flowing...Read More
A Perfect Yoga Diet Plan That Every Yogi Must Know
Release on 2018-03-31Yoga diet is like any other diet that a person should follow for a workout. Yogic philosophy emphasizes that proper adjustment in the consumption of f...Read More
Release on 2018-03-23A Yogic diet is a balanced diet that ancient Yogis believed to have had a huge influence on our physical well being, but also on our thoughts and emot...Read More
7 Kundalini Yoga Tricks to Reverse Aging from the Inside Out
Release on 2018-03-201. Mini yoga breaks Getting up and stretching even for a few minutes every hour or two will stimulate a cascade of health responses and the wondrous e...Read More
10 Best Foods to Eat Before a Yoga Class
Release on 2018-03-16Nosh on any of these 10 snacks before you hit the mat! ApplesThey hydrate, give a little sugar jolt, and they clean your teeth, and also a great sourc...Read More
Why This Elementary School Want to Replace Detention With Yoga
Release on 2018-03-08Traditionally, minor school-related transgressions are treated with a scolding from a teacher and an afternoon spent in detention. But thanks to a new...Read More
7 Ways Kids Benefit From Yoga
Release on 2018-03-08It's hard to be a kid today. Children deal with many distractions, temptations, overstimulation and peer pressure. Schools are challenged to do more w...Read More