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USA Today: Trump Driving Liberals to Yoga

Good news! President Donald Trump is making yoga great again!!!

This news comes to us by way of the May 29 USA Today in which Paul Singer reports that the election of Donald Trump has driven many liberals to take up yoga as a means of escape or to energize themselves for the "resistance" ahead. So perhaps those opposed to Trump will discard their basic black Antifa wannabe ninja outfits for yoga pants instead as we learn that Since election, yoga rises off the mat to take on Donald Trump:

President Trump’s election and the political cacophony that followed are driving waves of people to yoga and meditation, seeking a respite from the roller-coaster ride but also trying to recharge and build energy for a political pushback.

Yoga and mediation coaches say they are seeing increased enrollment and fewer dropouts from the annual "New Year's resolution" wave of signups. Part of this is stress relief — the American Psychological Association reports that stress nationwide is on the rise for the first time in 10 years.

But part of it is also meditation as resistance: Liberals see yoga as a place to reflect and recharge batteries for the political fights outside.

Have yoga instructors thanked President Trump for helping to increase their employment? Something to meditate upon.

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