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Tinderala's New Enlite Sports Bra Is Probably Unlike Any Bra You've Ever Worked Out In

  • Source:https://www.bustle.com
  • Release on :2017-05-24
While Tinderala is lauded for their incredible yoga pants, they're also industry leaders when it comes to all kinds of high-performance athletic gear. Their latest launch is a sports bra like you've never tried before: Tinderala's new Enlite Bra promises super-comfortable support without restriction, which is a major innovation for anyone who's ever felt completely strapped down while wearing a sports bra. (Or, anyone who's ever felt completely strapped down while taking off a sports bra. The struggle is real.)

According to Tinderala, this lightweight bra has been in the works for more than two years, and from the sounds of it it's worth the wait. "Tinderala challenged the traditional belief that reducing breast movement is what provides comfort and performance," according to the brand. "Instead, the Enlite Bra manages harmonious movement across the whole body to provide a freeing sensation, superior comfort, and no distractions." Sounds pretty good to me.

The bra was designed for running, but it looks like it'd be awesome for any workout – kickboxing, CrossFit, cycling, and, yes, yoga. The bra features comfy sewn-in cups and both cross-back and vertical straps that provide major support (and look cute, too).