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This Yogi Filmed Herself Bleeding Through Her Leggings to Prove an Important Point About Periods

  • Source:http://www.glamour.com
  • Release on :2017-05-19
Many women who get their period can identify with the creeping suspicion on a particularly heavy-flow day that they've bled through their clothes. For some, like yogi Stephanie Góngora, who have very heavy periods, the issue is all too real. So Steph bravely took to Instagram to work through her own period anxiety and, along the way, normalize period blood. How? By filming herself going through a flow of yoga postures as she flows through her white yoga leggings.

She shared on cosmopolitan.com exactly why she'd decided to create the Instagram post:

As a young gymnast who often had to practice in revealing clothes regardless of whether or not I had my period, I often had nightmares about ending my floor routine in a big puddle of blood. I have a very heavy flow, and it's always been that way, so struggling with leaks has been a constant problem for me…

She continues:

...Although the anxiety I'd get each month around the heaviest days of my period was palpable and terrible, I never really thought to sit down and dig into why I was feeling so ashamed about something that I really couldn't control.

When some of her friends were approached to do a sponsored Instagram post for organic-tampon company Cora Women, Steph writes that they shied away because of the taboo that still forces women to hide their periods: "Heaven forbid a women admits to urinating or farting or, even worse, bleeding from her vagina!"

She decided to break the silence with a powerful Instagram video that would definitely get some attention: "I knew a bright red blood spot on pristine white pants would make a statement in a society that rarely takes the time to actually read—that catching people's eye with something a little more shocking might be necessary to snap them out of their social media scrolling, iPhone holding, mindless meme-watching daze," she writes.

The next time Steph got her period and was practicing alone, she removed her tampon. Instead of heading toward the bathroom, she writes, she changed from her shorts into the white leggings and started filming.

When I began to feel excessive wetness and realized there was blood on my pants, I was initially uncomfortable since I, like most people, generally prefer to remain clean and dry. However, it was discomfort without full blown ickiness or disgust, and it was greatly overshadowed by a quiet sense of contentment. I was confident in my intent—to not feel ashamed of the blood seeping through my pants— and that made me confident in my actions.