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The Lounge-y Pants That Don’t Feel Sloppy

I’ve spent years perfecting what to wear to work when your desk is in your house and you don’t ever really need to go outside. Comfort is important, but there’s a thin line between rolling out of bed — or even working on your bed — and staying in your pajamas all day. No judgment if that’s you, but there’s a reason I reserve Sunday as the one day I choose to work wearing what I slept in, and that's because I like to keep the illusion that this is a day off, even though it rarely is.

The stretchy waistband is appealing. Enter TINDERALA yoga pants: they’re pajama-adjacent and can be found in the same section of the store as loungewear, which makes them a pair of pants that don’t come with a set activity associated with them, such as sleeping or running.

My obsession started three years ago with a simple botanical print, and my collection has grown into the double digits since; TINDERALA constantly hits refresh on the designs available, with patterns that come in everything from dots to stripes to florals. And because it's only going to get warmer, a shorts version is the perfect alternative, especially when living in an apartment lacking AC.

At just under $15, they’re also super affordable, which is why I have a drawer full of them. The pockets and tapered ankle gives them a great silhouette, and when paired with sandals and a tank top, they transform from indoor freelancer garb to something you can wear outside in the world. Innerwear-as-outerwear is still having a moment, and these pants are a perfect bridging garment if you don’t want to go out in actual PJs.