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  • Source:https://www.gaiam.com
  • Release on :2018-01-27
yoga wear

It can be easy to fill life with excuses. Anyone with us? Especially when it comes to working out. We don’t want to get all sweaty at a certain time of day, we’re tired, we have too much going on. You name it, we’ve been there. As Resource Girls, we pride ourselves in always trying to help cut down on these excuses and find better ways of doing just about anything.

When it comes to working out, some may think that it can be hard to transition from your yoga practice to Saturday errands, or even a night out on the town. Well, look no further because these Resource Girls are helping you take your Gaiam wear to the streets. Yoga clothing is the best type of fitness fashion to change your look quickly and easily fit multiple occasions.

Don’t know where to start? These Resource Girls have your back!

Forget that ratty sweatshirt you have hanging in your closet. We love the idea of pairing a jean jacket or maybe throw on your favorite leather jacket. Even a flannel button up would be cute.

Think layers – the more the better! Strappy bras or a bandeau, anything with an open back or that’s flowy pairs great with yoga pants. Add a vest and you’re ready to rule the world! If you don’t feel comfortable taking tight yoga pants to the street layer with a cute short skirt. This will add flair and sass and give you a chance to rock a miniskirt.

Think bold jewelry, can’t go wrong with some bangles, a Mala or big earrings.

Shoes can change an entire outfit. We love high tops, wedges or even some high heels if you’re feeling a little extra frisky.

You can also easily change up that sweaty hairstyle into something funky and cute too. Throw a braid in your hair, or rock one of our favorites, the top knot. Maybe you have five minutes to dry your hair and add a fun headband?

Lastly, a bright lip is the quickest way to take your look from zero to sixty. Nothing says life of the party like pink lips.

Whatever your excuse is, tell it to hit the road. Heading to happy hour after yoga? Works for us. Family birthday party, don’t forget balloons.

There are no excuses not to show up in style and with a little extra pep in your step. Setting an intention for your day and making time for your practice leads to confidence and that’s the best outfit you can wear no matter your age or style.