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Kenosha mom speaks out against school district's ban on yoga pants

  • Source:http://www.tmj4.com
  • Release on :2017-04-26

KENOSHA - A Kenosha mom is speaking out against a dress code ban she believes does more harm to girls than good.

Angie Aker is fighting a school dress code maintained by the Kenosha Unified School District that bans yoga pants and leggings from being worn as bottoms without a dress or longer article of clothing to cover them.

"We think that the dress code, the way it’s geared right now, is disproportionately punitive to girls," Aker said.

Aker said she’s skeptical of the rule, and believes the school should not be judging students by what they wear.

“We've actually had tons of parents reach out and say that they work nearly six-figure jobs and they work for global corporations and they wear yoga pants to work every day," Aker said.

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In a statement, Kenosha Unified acknowledged Aker and her daughter’s request to revise the district’s dress code policy.

“[It] must adhere to its policy for adding items to its board meeting agendas… this process is underway and if/when the item is added to the agenda, copies of the agenda will be available online," the school said in the statement.

However, Aker said she’ll continue fighting until a change is made.

“I would really like to see over a long period of time that we take a look at our dress code and really make it more friendly to girls," Aker said.

According to the school district, the school dress code hasn't been revised since 2014.