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IoT Meets Yoga Pants

  • Source:http://www.pymnts.com
  • Release on :2017-06-28
Pants. Most people wear them at some point, but few of us spend much time wondering if pants are living up to their fullest potential. We can safely say that pants have lived up to their minimum commitment as a garment — they do a great job of covering one’s lower half, for example — but even that definition is up in the air as pop icon Kim Kardashian proudly demonstrates here.

So what does it mean for pants to be doing their best work? One will likely be talking about fit or how “good” the pants make the wearer look.  As anyone who has ever spent the weekend searching for that perfect pair of jeans only to realize that their legs, waist and hips all exist in exactly the wrong proportions to each other can tell you, there are a lot of way pants can go wrong.

After decades of frustration, it is no surprise that millennials en masse have started wearing a comfier, less agonizing option: yoga pants — formerly known as leggings — which, due to the magic of spandex, always seem to fit.

While spandex technology is certainly one way to deal with the problem of ill-fitting pants, it does smack of simply giving up. Plus, people cannot wear yoga pants everywhere, despite the best efforts of many. For example, one cannot make an oral argument in front of the Supreme Court while wearing yoga pants. Actually, it is probably a safe bet that one should not appear in front of any type of judge while wearing yoga pants.

And yet, yoga pants themselves may offer a clothing solution that goes beyond simple avoidance. In fact, leggings — with assistance from the Internet of Things (IoT) — may just be the fix consumers didn’t know they needed.

Finding Pants That Fit Like A Glove

The team at Like A Glove, a smart measuring garments technology company, understands that consumers need not suffer in silence when it comes to ill-fitting clothes. The company took traditional leggings that were slowly developing agoraphobia and gave them a smarter twist: using leggings equipped with smart sensors to help customers find the perfect pair of jeans.

Literally smarter than other pants, Like A Glove’s sensor-embedded yoga pants “measure your shape in [five] seconds.” Those measurements are then sent, via Bluetooth, to the Like A Glove app. The app matches customer’s measurements against its catalog of jeans, recommending brands, types and sizes they think will fit the consumer, well, like a glove.

When the customers find the perfect pair of pants — custom fitted to their dimensions —they click through to that retailer’s site and purchase.

Now that’s putting the “smart” in smart clothing.