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In Public Wearing Yoga Pants — And Regret Nothing

These yoga pants might just be worth the money!

For many in their late teens and early 20s, the only thing sexier than a seductive and well-thought-out outfit is an easy-access outfit. I mean, that’s what the entire dance-pants craze was about for every teenage girl roaming the halls of my high school in 2008. 

o when I heard about a pair of restructured dance pants known as Sriracha Yoga Pants, which are supposed to help create easy access, I couldn't resist doing a review.

The crotchless part of the pants is very covert. I was able to stretch before my gym workout in these without worrying that I might be giving my trainer a peep show.
Most importantly, the hidden hole isn't so hidden that it takes an attention-drawing-struggle to get to my vagina with the sex toy of choice. I know this for a fact because I tried the pants out while on my red-eye flight to New York City after I had awakened from a short nap.