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How to Style Your Yoga Pants for Every Weekend Scenario

  • Source:http://www.eonline.com
  • Release on :2017-08-14
Dream scenario: You get to wear yoga pants all weekend-long.

What if we told you all it takes to manifest your yoga-pants dreams is a few key styling tips? Sure, the outfit you wear to stay in all day and order takeout will differ from the one you wear to brunch with your BFFs. But the one thing those outfits have in common? You guessed it: basic black yoga pants.

We're not telling you to go so far as to take your spandex out on the town to go clubbing in. But we will say: For virtually every other low-key weekend scenario, your go-to yoga pants are totally appropriate.


To state the obvious: You're going to want to slip into your leggings for an actual yoga class. But just because you're dressing practically doesn't mean you have to throw your sense of style out the window. A unique lace-up sports bra paired with a statement yoga mat says you take your practice seriously, but not too seriously.

And if you have to plans to not leave the house all weekend? That's okay, too. Pro tip: Just make sure you look presentable (in case bae decides to drop by unexpectedly). Key components: a slouchy cropped sweater, a cute scrunchie and some lip-plumping gloss surely won't hurt the situation.