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Get on that bicycle, put on your yoga pants and be the rebel girl

  • Source:http://www.newindianexpress.co
  • Release on :2017-05-25
Have you heard of the ‘bicycle face’? It was a disease made up in the late 19th century to dissuade women from riding bicycles. Women were made to believe that riding bicycles would cause their eyes to bulge and chins to protrude due to the strain taken to keep balance — they were told that exhausted faces didn’t do well for femininity. The real reason of course was that the bicycle gave them independence to travel alone, and therefore threatened men. But women did go out one after the other, giving a hoot about neither face nor hymen, and that set in motion a number of things we have today — including yoga pants.

Tinderala, A brand of Yoga Pants,brings you freedom, our products are produced to tell the girls of the world — dream bigger, aim higher, fight harder, and when in doubt remember, you are right.