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  • Source:http://byuiscroll.org
  • Release on :2017-05-23
The Fitness Center dress policy states fitness pants, such as leggings, yoga pants and running tights should be solid black in color and they should not have patterns, designs or writing. Although the Fitness Center dress policy states these rules, are they being enforced correctly?
‘’I feel like they are too strict about really silly things,” said Lauren Arnson, a senior studying elementary education. “Like, for example, the girls get sent home if their pants aren’t black or navy, or even if they have a stripe of a   different color.”
Toshio Holt, a junior studying accounting, said he does not really notice any inequality at the Fitness Center, but he said he can see it happening with the dress code policies.
“The gym uniform rules are usually easy to follow,” said James Siu, a senior studying automotive engineering technology.
So why is it that there is such conflict in the Fitness Center with the dress policies?
“Pants are inappropriate if they are sheer, worn out, stretched thin or otherwise revealing,” states the Fitness Center dress policy. “ If your pants are revealing you will be asked by facilities staff to cover them with the BYU-I approved shorts, which can be provided if necessary.’’
Kayli Ray, a senior studying social work, said the dress policies are formed the right way.
“I just don’t think they are enforced fairly,” Ray said. “I see guys in bright colored pants entering without a problem, and then I see a girl with a stripe that is barely even noticeable but she gets sent home. Also, I feel that girls who are more quote, unquote ‘fit’ get away with a lot more.”
Ray said they can wear really tight pants and, just because they are attractive, they will most likely get away with it.
“I’ve almost had to go home because of my pants, the bottom had blue on them so I just went to the bathroom and wore them inside out so I didn’t have to walk all the way home,” Ray said.
Liz Neuman, a junior studying biology, said one of the employees at the gym did not let her in because of her leggings.
“They told me I couldn’t wear those pants because they had two thin green stripes on the side so they gave me shorts to wear over my pants,” Neuman said. “Then I went in and saw a girl who had a huge blue stripe down her pants and another girl who had pink sweat pant type things.”
Philip Crane, a fitness/wellness coordinator, said men and women can wear any color when it comes to sweat pants. He said the reason why women are only allowed to wear a solid black color for leggings or tights is for appropriateness.
“Black helps … with … covering things that shouldn’t be seen compared to if it was a different color like, for example, pink or blue,” Crane said. “We want people to feel comfortable when it comes to working out,” Crane said.
Crane said students will push boundaries if they do not make the rules clear.
“That’s why we chose a simple rule of having solid black workout pants,” Crane said. “If we allow patterns and designs on the black workout pants, certain boundaries will be pushed. We try to be as fair and as honest as we can with everyone.”
Justin Garner, Student Activities Director for sports and wellness said there are modesty standards for everything.
“We don’t try to dictate anything, We simply just want the students to be modest and have guidelines as to what they wear at the fitness center,’’ Garner said.
He said they hope to bring equality for both sides, men and women.
“We also want students to know that it is a privilege to go to the fitness center because it is at no cost, it’s not a membership that you constantly have to pay for,” Crane said.