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Simple Hatha Yoga Poses for Beginners to Help You Master The Basics
Release on 2018-04-24Rabbit (Sasakasana) Start by sitting with your legs underneath your hips keeping the thumb toes together. Exhale. On the inhale, straighten the back a...Read More
Release on 2018-04-23Heard about the Hatha yoga style? The branch of yoga that involves physical practices to calm the body, mind, and soul in preparation for higher spiri...Read More
10 food habits, the yoga way
Release on 2018-04-21At an age where one is expected to work dedicatedly, we often end up compromising with our health. While many people would agree that a good fitness r...Read More
7 Practical Steps to Lose Weight with a Yoga Diet
Release on 2018-04-20One of the greatest benefits of losing weight with a holistic yoga lifestyle is that it brings us the inner happiness and peace we really need so that...Read More
5 Zoo Yoga Poses for Kids
Release on 2018-04-19After gathering our zoo animal books together, we chose five animals that appeared in the books to act out through yoga poses for kids. Try the five y...Read More
Release on 2018-04-18There are a number of yoga poses and many subdivisions among them. Hatha yoga poses work on the spinal cord. Ha signifies the sun and tha signifies th...Read More
A Couples Hatha Yoga Routine Your Guy Will Actually Love
Release on 2018-04-16Nothing says "Happy Valentine's Day" like stretching, breathing, and moving your body with your man. These yoga poses feel so awesome to do together t...Read More
Release on 2018-04-14Hatha Yoga is the path of physical Yoga or Yoga of postures is the most popular branch of Yoga. This style of yoga considers the body as the vehicle f...Read More
10-Minute Hatha Yoga Sequence for Beginners
Release on 2018-04-12Hatha may not be the perfect style for you, but it is a great place to start. Hatha is gentle, a little on the slower side, and encourages students to...Read More
Burn Fat with Top 3 Ashtanga Yoga Poses
Release on 2018-04-09The mechanism of Ashtanga yoga involves a profuse generation of internal body heat. A highly exacting practice, Ashtanga synchronizes asana movements ...Read More
Ashtanga Yoga Poses For Opening Your Hips
Release on 2018-04-08Try these four hip openers to increase flexibility within your practice. Remember to be patient and ease into each posture gently–one day, the flexib...Read More
The 4 Most Dangerous Yoga Poses (Seriously)
Release on 2018-04-03While pulled hamstrings and torn rotator cuffs are the kinds of injuries one might expect to suffer from hardcore workouts like powerlifting or CrossF...Read More
10-Minute Homework Break Yoga for kinds for a Mind + Body Reboot
Release on 2018-04-02Yoga can help children to pace their study efforts and reduce mental and physical burnout, from a mental health perspective, getting the blood flowing...Read More
A Perfect Yoga Diet Plan That Every Yogi Must Know
Release on 2018-03-31Yoga diet is like any other diet that a person should follow for a workout. Yogic philosophy emphasizes that proper adjustment in the consumption of f...Read More
The Best Kundalini Yoga Poses to Detox
Release on 2018-03-29Revolved Chair Pose One of the best yoga poses for beginners, the Revolved Chair Pose is extremely simple to carry out but has a lot of benefits. Just...Read More
Kundalini Yoga Poses For Calm And Relaxation
Release on 2018-03-26Previously I shared with you why I’ve begun practicing Kundalini yoga poses–and I’m still in love with it! I do other forms of yoga as well, but Ku...Read More
Release on 2018-03-23A Yogic diet is a balanced diet that ancient Yogis believed to have had a huge influence on our physical well being, but also on our thoughts and emot...Read More
7 Kundalini Yoga Tricks to Reverse Aging from the Inside Out
Release on 2018-03-201. Mini yoga breaks Getting up and stretching even for a few minutes every hour or two will stimulate a cascade of health responses and the wondrous e...Read More
8 Detoxifying Poses + Kundalini Kriyas
Release on 2018-03-17Empty Coat Sleeves Kriya (Kundalini Breathing Exercise) Place your feet just wider than your mat with the heels turned in and toes turned out. Soften ...Read More
10 Best Foods to Eat Before a Yoga Class
Release on 2018-03-16Nosh on any of these 10 snacks before you hit the mat! ApplesThey hydrate, give a little sugar jolt, and they clean your teeth, and also a great sourc...Read More